01: the hero of the story is not a hero...yet

Playing video games
like no tomorrow

Think of a guy who lives in his mom's basement. Now think of a guy who has a GPA of 2.5 and was going no where in life. That was Phil a student at Langara College. Rather than study for midterms and finals, he'd rather play League of Legends and whatever hip MMORPG that was the rage. Phil had a dream...to find a purpose (and get good at it) and figure out his place in the world.

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So Phil does some research
and becomes an art student
02: useful degrees

Becoming a not so starving millennial artist

If you want to make a lot of money in the world, become an artist. The transition from general studies to arts was a no brainer. Why study for a statistics exam or pull your brains out for a calculus quiz when you can throw slabs of plaster into a pile and call it art?

Fine arts are also a great way to boost your GPA. Anyway, Phil took some high-level courses in industrial design, graphic & media design. A taste of the design processwakened Phil's inner abilities. Phil even had the opportunity to work at Langara College as a graphic designer for a while.

And so Phil graduates...
and goes back to school.
03: more school, but determined

Leveling up

After realizing that a fine arts degree doesn't make you nearly as wealthy as Jeff Bezos, the hero went back to school. Out of a (forced) whim from a loving individual, Phil applied to Emily Carr University's Interaction design program (and got in!). It was here that Phil trained his awakened abilities in the following: experience design (qualitative & quantitative research, user interviews, workshops, wireframing, prototyping), human interaction design, graphic design, augmented reality design, product design, and brand identity and strategy.

It was during this phase of life where the hero had the amazing opportunity to work as a freelance web designer. He's had clients from marketing to medical businesses. SEO, web accessibility, requirements gathering (building a design brief), presentations, HTML + CSS, content strategy, and maintaining good client relationships were important skills our hero had to develop.

In 2019, Phil had the opportunity to work with Vancouver Startup Week, an organization devoted to assisting entrepreneurs, investors, and startup businesses connect. At VSW, Phil helped out as a graphic designer. Under their guidance, has further developed skills such as: teamwork, adhering to and improving brand style guides, working with cross-teams (ie: stakeholders, developers, marketers, and copywriters), and implementing an org's vision into graphical collateral.

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"Where is Phil today?"
04: The story isn't finished yet

Livin’ out a purpose

You can find Phil working as a product designer in the construction industry. Phil has worked with both B2B and SaaS software. He has worked on software that involve IoT building automation and 4D simulation software. He specializes working in agile teams shipping features from kickoff to production working with multiple stakeholders, developers, PMs, and QAs to ensure mouthwatering software experiences for the end user.

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05: A new frontier

Its your turn

The story doesn't have to end here.  Are you someone who is looking for a story-driven designer for your project? Are you a fellow designer and just want to talk? Slide a Direct (e)Mail to Phil. Maybe he can help you out.

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